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Supercharge Your Core Merchandise Management with Today’s Optimization Tools

No matter the size of your operation, a solid and powerful retail merchandising system is the cornerstone of information systems. At its core, a quality merchandising foundation allows the retailer to drive inventory across all markets and locations, ultimately helping customers find the products they expect to obtain easily and immediately.

But the modern customer wants more than that. He craves the trendiest product; she wants to be able to shop the most convenient channel.

Customers have come to expect options, so merchandising systems need to work a little harder to provide them with those choices, all while offering the highest possible quality user experiences. In today’s retail environment, the journey is just as much emphasized as the destination—and it’s imperative that we give shoppers several pathways to get there.

While the retail merchandising system may be the foundation, optimization tools are what continue to give the system strength and relevancy. Optimization tools allow retailers to supercharge an already-powerful retail merchandising system. These tools provide retailers with that wow factor to boost retail merchandising systems around planning, merchandise allocation, pricing, assortment and replenishment.

Plan Efficiently

Pull timely data from every channel and touchpoint to drive intelligent planning at the enterprise level and eliminate silos. Use historical transactions, inventory data, returns data, demographic data and customer data to optimize your retail planning process.

Allocation Accurately

Improved merchandise allocation is driven by flexibility and quick response times. Cost reduction and better-aligned inventory eliminates manual tasks by using analytical methods to automate allocation for the best sales performance at stores and across other channels.

Optimize Pricing

Utilizing fulfillment, inventory and customer data, improve and optimize pricing across all channels. Where pricing was once based largely on historical data, today it depends more upon improved analytics.

Strengthen Assortment

Better planned assortments to strengthen customer loyalty and tailor merchandise to market demand for the best ROI. Historical data and analytics support better seasonal transitions, improved depth of color and size ranges, and tailor assortment to channel.

Improve Replenishment

Balance inventory across the supply chain to best meet customer demands. Identify profitable inventory investments to reduce out-of-stocks throughout product lifecycle. Lead time, market complexities and financial impact of overstocks are all taken into consideration here.

By supercharging your retail merchandise system, you’ll be able to improve profit margins while meeting today’s demands, and staying one step ahead of the industry’s future. Touch base with us today to learn how RPE Solutions can help you get there.