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Retail Sourcing Applications to Better Manage the Retail Supply Chain Process

Does your retail business design and source its own products? It’s becoming more and more common for retailers to do so. One of the biggest advantages of designing and sourcing your own products is that you retain more control over the entire retail supply chain, start to finish. Employing your own design team gives you control over the smallest details, such as the shape of a shirt collar or where zippers are placed on a jacket. In-house sourcing allows you to select top-quality materials that will serve your company’s needs. And, being able to oversee the manufacturing process helps you ensure that the finished products satisfy your company’s high standards. Plus, because your company doesn’t have to rely on third-party vendors, you can react quickly to industry trends, introduce more products each season, and achieve greater margins.

Clothing rack showing benefit of Retail Supply Chain efficiency

State-of-the-Art Retail Sourcing Applications

If your business is going to be designing and sourcing its own products, you’ll need specialized retail software solutions for effective supply chain management. RPE — a leading retail consulting firm — implements integrated solutions for retailers across the United States and Canada. With accurate production forecasts and data from multiple production paths, our retail sourcing applications can help your business:

  • Oversee the entire retail supply chain, including both full-package and raw material procurement
  • Increase vendor and supplier communications
  • Minimize production inefficiencies
  • Improve speed to market, profitability, and customer satisfaction

The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application, for instance, helps to improve collaboration among the planning, design, supply, sourcing, and production teams. This software is highly instinctive and features flexible, configurable, and easy-to-use settings. RPE’s experienced retail consultants can help determine which solutions are best suited to your business’s needs.

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