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Innovative Retail Supply Chain Management Systems to Increase Efficiencies and Improve Profits

Implementing effective retail supply chain management systems is a critical step toward achieving maximum profitability, especially considering that today’s retail customers have more information and more channels than ever to influence buying decisions. Efficient supply chain management allows your retail business to fulfill customer orders promptly and accurately, minimize fulfillment costs, and increase customer retention rates. Providing retail supply chain consulting services since 1999, RPE can help your retail business stay on the leading edge of innovative omnichannel and retail supply chain management solutions.

Woman shopping as example of how Retail Supply Chain Systems are used

Retail software supports virtually all aspects of a business’s operations. It involves hardware, software, and the people who operate these systems. In fact, retailers often require a full suite of software applications, which must be tightly integrated with precision. Fortunately, RPE has partnered with a number of industry-leading software and hardware leaders to provide our clients with the tools needed to support operations.

And, when it’s time to implement supply chain management solutions at your retail company, you can rely on our retail supply chain consulting experts to orchestrate the entire project. We’ll provide objectivity and ensure desired performance in the following areas:

  • Business process analysis
  • Cloud services
  • Customizations and enhancements
  • Gap analysis
  • Integration and interfaces
  • Modifications and programming
  • Package assessment
  • Post-implementation support
  • Process consulting
  • Project implementation
  • Project management
  • Secure data center facility
  • Software and hardware selection
  • Strategic IT planning
  • Systems and software upgrades
  • Systems management
  • Systems optimization
  • Training
  • And more

No matter which area of operations is causing you concern, you can trust RPE’s experts to handle the issue and help your retail business take the next step forward. Our retail supply chain consulting team specializes in the following key retail solutions:

Sourcing and demand (including purchasing, planning, invoicing, production, sales orders, and return authorizations) — Eliminating business silos and providing a clear view of your entire supply chain.

Merchandising (including inventory control, vendor management, allocation and replenishment, distribution center management, and price management) — Fostering strategic thinking and flawless execution.

Planning and allocation (including assortment planning, merchandise planning, enterprise planning, and advance allocation) — Targeting the right mix of products to each store to meet consumer demands.

Forecasting and replenishment (including demand forecasting, lead time forecasting, advanced replenishment, service level analysis, and order validity) — Predicting inventory needs and reacting to demand patterns across the supply chain.

Distributed order management (including inventory visibility and order management) — Fulfilling customer orders originating from all channels.

Warehousing (including warehouse management, enterprise workforce management, and transportation management) — Eliminating unnecessary steps in the supply chain process.

Business intelligence (including reporting and analytics) — Increasing productivity and reducing costs using fact-based decisions.

Financial (including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledgers) — Supporting multiple brands within one organization.

Mobile and clienteling (including mobile point of sale, clienteling, and inventory look-back) — Improving selling with easily accessible, in-depth customer information.

Point of sale (including real time, web applications, sales, returns, layaways, payment processing) — Synchronizing stores and customers with all channels.

Hardware, OS, and database (including IBM Business Partner, Toshiba Business Partner, and iSeries, Unix/Oracle, or Windows-based systems) — Using leading operating environments to maximize application performance.

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