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Identify, Capture and Respond to Vendor Non-compliance

Improve supply chain performance with vendor compliance. RPE and Traverse Systems can show you how to identify, capture and respond to supplier compliance issues. Discover a platform to address performance issues that cost you lost sales and excess labor. A unified view of your supply chain performance presents opportunities for continuous improvement to gain control and recapture profits.


Measure and Improve Supplier Performance

Vendor compliance directly impacts your bottom line. Some forms of vendor compliance include:

  • Shipping too early or too late.
  • Shipped after cancel date
  • Incomplete shipments (back orders/canceled items)
  • Multiple shipments that should be combined
  • Shipping via the incorrect method/carrier
  • Shipping substitute items without authorization
  • Incorrect item packaging
  • Incorrect/substitute UPC
  • Incorrect carton pack, inner pack or pre-pack
  • Improper labeling
  • Improper pallet configuration
  • Wrong or missing PO number on shipment, invoice, etc.
  • Poor quality product/out of spec
  • Missing or inaccurate ASN

Any of these issues will cause:

  • Delays processing receipts
  • Extra labor cost
  • Potential lost sales and markdowns
  • Extra freight costs
  • RTVs
  • Inability to schedule DC staff properly
  • Additional administrative costs

Great supply chains depend on great partners. The Traverse Platform includes tools to align your entire partner ecosystem towards meeting your goals. The Traverse platform aggregates data from disparate systems to drive a unified understanding of your entire supply chain. From purchase order creation to store or distribution center receipt, manage and track everything in your workflow from start to finish.

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Stop losing profit due to vendor compliance Issues. RPE and Traverse Systems can show you how to identify and improve supplier compliance issues. Whether issues are detected automatically or manually, you can gain control and recapture the profit that is slipping away when there are disruptions in your supply chain due to vendor non-compliance. Contact us today so we can help you take control and improve vendor performance.