Veras Retail Software Solutions Improve Store Efficiency and Enhance the Customer Experience

Veras Retail software solutions featuring Veras CheckOut point of sale (POS) improve the customer buying experience across all channels. Veras POS provides businesses with the support they need to successfully implement corporate omnichannel strategies. Because the corporate office and designated store associates can access the same product data in real time, stores become a true extension of corporate headquarters, creating a shopping experience that increases customer loyalty and revenues.

Point of Sale (POS)

At RPE, we understand that retailers need to rely on multiple technology vendors and retail store systems in order to deliver a profitable and intelligent omnichannel strategy. We have a long heritage working with point of sale software providers. Veras Retail’s point of sale solution is ideal for retailers that need robust retail store systems that integrate with leading enterprise solutions, such as Oracle and SAP.

Woman at counter using Veras CheckOut POS

Veras Retail Alliance Partner

RPE is a Veras Retail Alliance Partner for the United States and Canada. As part of this role, we offer strategic consulting and sales support, as well as implementation, integration, and customization services. Retailers also have the option of utilizing hosting and managed services at the RPE Data Center.

Veras Retail Software Solutions

We specialize in the following Veras Retail software solutions:

  • CheckOut (POS) — Designed with the in-store customer shopping experience in mind, the Veras CheckOut solution ensures a streamlined, personalized checkout while enabling stores to implement corporate-wide strategies in real time. This innovative software, which comes from more than 20 years of developing retail store systems, complements retailer merchandising and ERP systems, instead of duplicating them. It provides a number of benefits for retailers, including faster checkout times, more efficient loss prevention and exposure, and increased management productivity due to a reduced need for monitoring cashier activity. Whether downloading price data to the POS in seconds or operating in offline mode during network outages, Veras CheckOut enhances and protects the full control of the customer checkout experience.
  • Extend (Mobile POS and Inventory) — The Veras Extend mobile client application, available on iOS and Android devices, provides retail stores with the flexibility needed to meet diverse mobility needs. Store associates can use mobile devices to perform sales transactions wherever a network connection is available. In addition to mobile POS, this software allows retailers to use mobile devices for inventory and reporting functions, as well as to view and interact with customer data from across channels. Plus, Veras Extend uses the same data and business logic as Veras CheckOut and offers seamless integration to back office end-of-day processes and head office systems — it’s essentially no different than adding another physical register to the store.
  • Control (Head Office Administration) — Veras Control is a head office application designed to manage the installation of Veras CheckOut, Veras Extend, and Veras Stock. Head office personnel can use this software to monitor, configure, and deploy changes to the in-store environment in real time. In addition to configuring business process flows, parameters, and security levels, retailers can administer users and passwords, detect and correct system outages, and recover data. They can even use this software to configure receipts, screen layouts, and on-screen labels, including foreign language translations.
  • Stock (Back Office Inventory) — The Veras Stock solution simplifies and accelerates store-level processes, optimizes inventory management, and helps satisfy customer expectations, all with the same ease of use and intuitive navigation offered by Veras CheckOut. This software seamlessly integrates with enterprise merchandising systems to create one version of inventory management data, providing greater control over store inventory levels. Retailers can receive merchandise at any level, search for shipments and items, transfer items to other locations, confirm accurate pricing, and ensure correct inventory balances.
  • Locate (Location-Based Inventory) — The Veras Locate solution goes beyond the traditional e-commerce warehouse management system, allowing retail businesses to manage in-store, back room, and floor inventory in real time. Store associates will be able to quickly identify where certain products are located, then use this information to execute tasks more efficiently. Veras Locate complements existing ERP systems and enhances the in-store experience by improving service, increasing labor productivity and efficiency, and maximizing the salability of inventory no matter where it resides in the chain.
  • Reach (Customer Engagement) — Built exclusively for retail, Veras Reach allows companies to analyze customer data, including transaction records and promotional response behavior. Store associates can then use that information to deliver personalized service and quickly determine sales opportunities, thereby enhancing the shopping experience at every point of interaction and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Retailers can also create, maintain, and implement multiple loyalty programs to reward valued customers, as well as measure the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Activate (Promotions and Coupons) — Veras Activate allows retailers to unlock the advanced promotional and coupon capabilities offered by Veras CheckOut. Retailers will be able to accurately manage and execute complex promotional strategies such as “Spend and Save” and “Buy X Get Y,” as well as time- and date-specific promotions, all with a reduced risk of fraud and human error. Veras Activate also offers upselling prompts and proactive promotion simulations.

For more information about Veras Retail software solutions and our services, please contact RPE today.