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Veras Retail Perfecting the In-Store Connection

RPE Solutions is pleased to announce that we have expanded our product and services by partnering with Veras Retail, an innovative retail point of sale solutions provider. Their connected suite of solutions includes mPOS, point of sale, inventory, CRM applications and cross-channel execution. Veras Retail’s cutting-edge retail store systems aid businesses in increasing profitability and improving the customer shopping experience. With over 20 years of successfully innovating the store systems experience, we are proud to be working with them as an alliance partner.

In today’s digital world, there are so many options for consumers to make purchases. But, the retail store contains a significant emotional connection to consumers who want to speak with a salesperson or customer service representative in person. Some people want to see, touch and experience products firsthand. It is our goal to assist retailers in perfecting the in-store shopping experience. The ideal in-store experience and connection with your customers will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and therefore, profit.

Veras CheckOut point of sale software provides the base for a retail store system that enhances the checkout experience with both mobility and omnichannel functionality. It provides a powerful in-store solution that integrates with prominent enterprise solutions like JDA, SAP, Oracle.

The Veras Retail suite includes:

  • CheckOut – deliver a streamlined shopping experience with personalized checkout.
  • Control – monitor, configure, and deploy changes to your in-store environment in real time
  • Activate – execute promotions (coupons, buy X get Y, spend & save, etc.) without adding shrink, and prompt upsells automatically
  • Stock – integrate with merchandising systems in real time to simplify store-level processes, optimize inventory management and satisfy consumer expectations
  • Extend – use tablets and smartphones (Apple or Android) to perform complete POS transactions as if it were another register
  • Locate – location based inventory system
  • Reach – display, utilize and capture customer data quickly to generate surveys, e-receipts, real-time loyalty rewards and coupons

We at RPE Solutions are thrilled to be bringing the wide range of state-of-the-art applications that Veras Retail has to offer into our fold. If you want more information regarding Veras Retail suite of point of sale solutions, please give us a call at 813-490-7000, Ext. 7353.