Veras CheckOut POS
The Veras CheckOut enables stores to implement corporate omnichannel strategies from an innovative solution that includes enterprise-wide visibility into inventory levels to access customer information and orders from multiple retail channels. Based on more than 20 years developing retail store systems, Veras CheckOut complements a retailer’s merchandising and ERP systems – not duplicate it.

The corporate office and designated store associates can access the same product data in real time. Stores become a true extension of the corporate headquarters consistently providing shoppers an experience designed to increase customer loyalty and revenues.

Why RPE and Veras Retail
We realize that retailers must rely on multiple technology vendors and retail store systems to deliver a profitable and intelligent omnichannel strategy. RPE has a long heritage working in the JDA Software ecosystem and the Veras Retail point of sale solution is a natural fit for this retail customer base. Veras CheckOut is ideal for retailers that need robust retail store systems that integrate with leading enterprise solutions including JDA, Oracle and SAP.

RPE specializes in Veras Retail software solutions:

RPE is a Veras Retail Alliance Partner
As a retail store systems implementation expert and an alliance partner with Veras Retail, RPE offers strategic consulting, sales support and implementation, integration and customization services. Service area includes the United States and Canada. Retailers also have the option of utilizing hosting and managed services at the RPE Data Center.

  • Strategic consulting for retail store systems
  • Implementation services to minimize overhead costs
  • Functional and technical resources
  • Integration with other enterprise solutions
  • Customization for unique requirements
  • Responsive and professional support services

Veras CheckOut Point of Sale
Designed with the in-store customer shopping experience in mind, the Veras Checkout solution serves as a powerful tool ensuring a streamlined, personalized checkout while enabling stores to implement corporate-wide strategies in real time. Whether downloading price data to the POS in seconds or operating in offline mode during network outages, Veras Checkout enhances and protects the full control of the customer checkout experience.

  • Improved customer experience with seamless, cross-channel services
  • Ability to prevent loss and exposure at the inception point
  • Increased customer throughput with faster checkout
  • Improved management productivity and reduced need to monitor cashier activity

Veras Extend Mobile POS & Inventory
Veras Extend empowers stores with the flexibility to meet diverse mobility needs while integrating easily and transparently into Veras CheckOut with IOS and Android devices, essentially acting as “just another register”. The mobile POS and inventory application goes beyond customer checkout and enables stores to use mobile devices for inventory, reporting and look-up activities.

  • Perform selling transactions anywhere a network connection is available
  • View and interact with customer data from across channels
  • Seamless integration to back-office end of day processes and head-office systems
  • Use a docked tabled rather than traditional POS hardware for a more flexible and cost effective cashwrap

Veras Control – Head Office Administration
Veras Control is a head office application designed to manage the installation of Veras Checkout, Veras Extend and Veras Stock. Built for head office personnel to monitor, configure and deploy changes to the in-store environment in real time, Veras Control provides businesses with capabilities such as:

  • Detection and correction of system outages and data recovery
  • Administration of users and passwords
  • Configuration of receipts, screen layouts and on-screen labels including language translations
  • Configuration of business process flows, parameters and security levels

Veras Stock – Back Office Inventory
Veras Stock simplifies and accelerates your store-level processes, optimizes inventory management, and helps satisfy customer expectations all with the same ease of use and intuitive navigation that you gain with Veras CheckOut. Veras Stock provides seamless integration across enterprise merchandising systems creating one version of inventory management data and granting control over your store level inventory.

Veras Locate – Location-Based Inventory
Going beyond the traditional e-commerce warehouse management system, Veras Locate also manages in-store, backroom and floor inventory all in real time. This lightweight tool complements existing ERP systems and enhances the in-store experience by improving service and productivity across all stores.

  • Increase labor productivity and efficiency
  • Maximize salability of inventory wherever it resides in the chain
  • Address a variety of inventory tracking scenarios – warehouse, store back room, off-site storage

Veras Reach – Customer Engagement
Built exclusively for retail, Veras Reach CRM allows companies to understand and reward valued customers by proactively managing each customer’s shopping experience at every point of interaction. Businesses can understand the value of a particular customer with customer scorecards, including purchase frequency, channel and items, and promotional response behavior empowering associates to deliver personalized service and quickly determine sales opportunities.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through a unified shopping experience
  • Robust retail-specific CRM solution providing centralized customer management including tagging, segmentation and data integrity tools
  • Targeted marketing based on cross-channel purchase history
  • Loyalty module with configurable points accumulation and reward strategies

Veras Activate – Promotions & Coupons
Veras Activate is a powerful tool that unlocks the advanced promotional and coupon capabilities with Veras CheckOut allowing for accurate execution of complex promotion strategies including buy X get Y, spend & save, package deals and time & date specific promotions. In addition to promotional data, Veras Activate enables addition functionality such as upselling prompts, rebates, bounceback coupons, price simulator and more.

  • Execute complex promotions quickly and accurately at the POS
  • Enhance customer shopping experience with seamless offer redemption
  • Simulate the effects of promotions in advance
  • Reduce fraud, human error and coupon abuse by automating coupon processing