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Retail Consulting

At RPE, we offer a comprehensive range of strategic, functional and technical retail consulting services. Our technology skills, retail knowledge, systems and applications expertise and collaborative approach help clients achieve success and bottom line goals.

We work with retailers to analyze and identify challenges, implement solutions and embrace change to address today’s omnichannel environment. By applying industry best practices in our retail consulting services, RPE delivers innovative retail merchandising and supply chain management solutions – time after time.

Online and in-store, successful retailers are relying on more functionally-rich omnichannel solutions and systems to deliver superior customer service across all channels. We work with retailers to embrace new technology. RPE has been implementing, managing, supporting and hosting merchandising and supply chain solutions since 1999. Our team of trusted consulting and solutions experts has served in many capacities in the retail industry from planners and buyers to senior level consultants and CIOs. Your project is not a learning experience for us. As retailers serving retailers, we know what you are looking for.

Our areas of retail consulting services and solutions include:

  • Sourcing & Demand
  • Forecasting
  • Planning
  • Merchandising
  • Allocation
  • Replenishment
  • Distributed Order Management (DOM)
  • Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Financial
  • Mobile
  • Clienteling
  • Point of Sale

retail store systems


RPE recognizes that achieving excellence requires comprehensive solutions. We work with leading hardware, software and support solution providers to meet your business requirements. Valued RPE business partners include:

Services to Achieve Unified Commerce

Having a keen focus solely around retail, we stay abreast of changing technologies to help retailers succeed today and well into the future. Our services to help retailers achieve unified commerce include:

  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Package Selection
  • System and Software Upgrades
  • Modifications and Programming
  • Systems Optimization
  • Integration and Interfaces
  • Systems Implementation
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Hosting and Systems Management
  • Secure Data Center

Quality Assurance

It is our highest goal to make sure applications function in your environment. QA starts at the earliest stages of the development life cycle and continues post-implementation into assessment and evaluation. Quality must exist at all stages without question.

RPE’s QA experts provide additional control over the processes and procedures of the company. This is often employed during implementation of software or during projects, but this could be extended into many other areas. QA analysts observe, study, research, inspect and evaluate the processes and procedures of the organization and prepare detailed reports. Using RPE for quality assurance can provide unique benefits and address very specific needs.

  • Provide in-depth testing, including unit tests, acceptance tests, integration tests, stress tests and benchmarking
  • Document functional and technical processes and procedures, technical analysis of applications and data flow
  • Audit functions, processes or data
  • Ensure transactions balance between systems, applications or modules
  • Ensure that applications, enhancements and updates will be installed and functioning correctly
  • Provide direction on conversion items, data manipulation, menus, security and other issues that must be considered