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Business Analysis


Data accessibility
Modern user interface
Web and mobile accessibility
Automated reporting
Easily supportable
Based on IBM Cognos 11

Retail Business Analysis and Business Intelligence for Informed Decision Making

Business Analysis encompasses the strategies and technologies used by retailers for robust data analysis. With tightening budgets and limited resources, actionable retail business intelligence and analysis using retail Business Analysis reporting tools empowers businesses to solve individual and company-wide challenges with confidence. These innovative business analytics tools enable you to find, explore, and share business insights to help optimize the decision-making process and take action through state-of-the-art retail business intelligence.

 Plus, these solutions provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, allowing you to make sound, data-driven decisions to streamline operations and increase sales. Business Analysis has all the tools to solve challenges and improve bottom-line results based on accurate, up-to-date information. Transform your retail business and make well-informed decisions based on accurate, real-time information that is gathered from your entire business network.

Retail Business Analytics Features and Capabilities

Intuitive User Interface

The interface has intuitive menus to help users quickly author content. Dashboards can be created using drag and drop on mobile devices or laptop and templates allow users to format reports instantly.

Integrated Data Sources

Easily upload internal and external data effortlessly with the ability to include data from additional sources. Provides an interactive way to find, explore and share data-driven insights with easy creation of compelling reports and dashboards.

Real-Time Data

Real-time access to data so there is no need to wait for batch time. Access whenever and wherever to understand performance levels across all operations including forecasting, inventory, fulfillment and transportation. Brings together data from other applications to provide complete reporting coverage.

Single Dashboard

Determine the status and position of all inventories, orders, and shipments using a single dashboard to understand performance levels across all operations.

Single Platform

Make sound, fact-based business decisions using a single platform. Accessible via web browser and mobile phone, these tools allow you to manage them anytime, from anywhere. Easily distribute data in multiple formats throughout the company.

Reporting Tools

Pinpoint the status and position of your business’s orders, shipments and inventory using just one dashboard. With these tools, you will be able to quickly identify and solve many of the retail challenges your business faces, leading to measurable improvements in the bottom line.