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Supply Chain Solutions

Innovative Retail Supply Chain Solutions to Increase Efficiencies and Improve Profits

Implementing effective retail supply chain management systems is a critical step toward achieving maximum profitability, especially considering that today’s retail customers have more information and more channels than ever to influence buying decisions.

Efficient supply chain management allows your retail business to fulfill customer orders promptly and accurately, minimize fulfillment costs and increase customer retention rates. Providing retail supply chain Consulting services since 1999, RPE can help your retail business stay on the leading edge of innovative retail supply chain management solutions.

Retail software supports virtually all aspects of a business’s operations. It involves hardware, software and the people who operate these systems. Retailers may require a full suite of software applications or just one solution. Either way, solutions must be implemented and integrated with precision. Fortunately, RPE has partnered with a number of industry-leading software and hardware leaders to provide our clients with the needed tools.

Innovative Software Solutions

When it’s time to implement supply chain management solutions, you can rely on
our retail Consulting experts to orchestrate the entire project. We will provide
objectivity and ensure desired performance.

Merchandise Management

Streamline the Merchandising process to adapt to changes across sales channels
targeting the right mix of products to each store to meet consumer demands.

Planning and Assortment

Determine the right product mix through Planning and Assortment to maximize the return on investment and meet goals.

Allocation and Replenishment

Determine stock levels through Allocation and Replenishment to predict inventory
needs and react to demand patterns across the supply chain.

Business Analytics

Increase productivity with real-time data reporting and Business Analytics to
optimize the decision-making process with data gathered from the entire business

Vendor Management

Identify, capture and respond to supplier compliance issues and supply chain inefficiencies with Vendor Management to reduce lost sales and excess labor for a
more profitable retail supply chain.

Start to Finish Services

We offer an entire gamut of services from start to finish so there is no need to work with multiple partners. We provide everything from building an IT Strategy to Implementation and Support. Our consultants work to assess your company’s current retail supply chain systems and software and take the time to understand the direction the company is going. We then provide solutions specifically tailored to address current and future requirements.

Conduct a Health Check

RPE offers a Health Check service to ensure that the applications and tools you are using meet your needs and continue to function at maximum efficiency.


Is your system configured appropriately?


Do you have access to all the data you need to make decisions?


Do you understand the process and the tools at your disposal?


We will evaluate all these factors, develop a detailed recommendation for improvement, and provide you with the feedback you need to understand retail supply chain system and process effectiveness. We listen to user feedback and pain points to make recommendations for immediate and long-term solutions.