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Merchandise Assortment

Merchandise Assortment Benefits

Leverage historic insight
Build localized assortments
Reduce markdowns
Improve customer satisfaction
Boost accuracy
Increase revenue

Simplify the Retail Merchandise Assortment Management Process

Merchandise Assortment is all about creating a superior customer experience and building brand loyalty. Today’s Assortment Management software combines in-depth analytics, consumer purchase preferences, assortment lifecycle planning and sizing and pre-pack optimization into a simplified workflow. The right assortment removes the guesswork and drives higher sales and margins across all channels with localized customer insights.

With Merchandise Assortment Management you can achieve scalability, flexibility and ease of access to better compete in today’s fast-paced and volatile retail environment. Many retailers are faced with seasonality of products and getting the right inventory mix to meet peak demand without excessive markdowns is a challenge. With retail Merchandise Assortment Management, it is easy to build assortments with tools designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Maximize return on your inventory investment by ensuring the right items are in-stock at the right locations to meet demand without overstock.  With Assortment Management you can increase inventory turns and lower the risk of out-of-stocks and markdowns with advanced assortment planning to achieve overall higher margins.

Assortment Management Features and Capabilities

Data Analytics

Leverage multiple data analytics and insights to guild and build a solid assortment plan. Use data science to predict rate of sale for new items by leveraging product attributes such as history and seasonality.

Localized Assortments

Align with customer preferences and receive recommendations on store groups for better localization. Build a localized assortment with guidance based on customer affinity for products.

Assumption Based Planning

Be proactive using placeholders during early stages of development cycles for easy realization with real items when available to create a better shopping experience for your customers.

Single View

Visualize a complete season with a holistic view that considers qualitative and quantitative strategies by incorporating insights and historical data.


Align financial plans, assortment plans and customer preference to ensure execution closely aligns with strategy.