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Blue Yonder Retail Solutions

A Leading Implementations and Services Partner for Blue Yonder Retail Solutions

Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) software solutions empower retailers of all sizes and verticals to make informed decisions that improve profitability. When it comes to Implementing, Managing and Hosting the Blue Yonder portfolio of merchandising and supply chain solutions, retailers have worked with RPE since 1999 for on-time and on-budget deployments. We help retailers realize the value and ROI from their Blue Yonder software solutions and investment.  

RPE is a Blue Yonder Software Authorized Reseller in the United States, Canada and Latin America. We are proud to be a winner of the Alliances Partner Leadership Award for multiple years. 

Expertise in Blue Yonder Solutions

What truly sets RPE apart is our people. Notably, a significant number of our employees have either previously worked for retailers or have been involved with Blue Yonder (formerly JDA). They helped develop some of the solutions we currently implement. As a result, our associates possess an acute awareness of the everyday challenges that retailers encounter. Our team  effectively leverages this wealth of knowledge and experience. Our overarching objective revolves around assisting clients in not only overcoming the challenges of today but also capitalizing on the opportunities that await tomorrow.

Diving into specifics, the RPE team brings to the table an extensive reservoir of technical expertise spanning all Blue Yonder retail solutions. This ensures that you harness the full functionality of the software. Retailers benefit from the guidance and experience of professionals at RPE who provide Consulting for Blue Yonder software solutions.

Helping Retailers Succeed

Whether you are an emerging retailer with a dozen regional stores or an established chain with international scope, there is a consistent need to bolster revenue and maintain cost efficiency. This often entails the introduction of new or updated applications and systems. As the effectiveness of Excel spreadsheets, gut instinct, and store feedback no longer provided the results for inventory management, a unified solution becomes imperative. This is where Blue Yonder retail solutions come into play. Trusted solutions seamlessly link individuals, procedures, data, and IT throughout all users and applications. However, the question of how and where to initiate this journey can be quite intimidating. Turn to RPE to provide the expertise and experience to help you compare different software solutions.

Blue Yonder Utilities Developed by RPE

While Blue Yonder offers robust retail software solutions, there are times when additional functionality is needed. RPE has created a collection of utilities that make the Blue Yonder retail solutions even more effective at addressing challenges.

RPE developed a tool that enables planners to remain in their plans during submits and approvals. The Blue Yonder Planning standalone toolkit requires top-down and bottom-up planners to be out of their plans when approving data to TDPP or BUPP. With our tool, however, top-down and bottom-up planners can remain in their plans while the other planner submits or approves. Also, they can load the version that has been submitted or approved so that they can see it reflected in their own plan.

The challenge for any retailer is how to make the data available in a timely manner, without requiring a communication trail between the user community and the IS department. With this in mind, RPE developed the User Managed Data Upload tool, also known as UMDU. The UMDU utility gives the allocation team the ability to maintain Grades, Models, Locations and more using a seamless, one-way interface between the users and the allocation server.

Allocation determines need based on sales, inventory and other factors. What happens when your organization wants to institute controls on a specific buy of merchandise to keep certain styles in only certain doors? RPE’s Store Eligibility tool ties specific stores to assortments to ensure that users do not have to manually pull out stores from an allocation. Additionally, by configuring the rules for the allocation up front, each need calculation will only send the product where you want it to go.

When using Allocation to allocate bulk product from a DC or to generate purchase order quantities of palletized merchandise, it can be difficult to ensure that the overall quantities generated by allocation meet pallet or full case requirements. Furthermore, this utility ensures that every allocation fulfills these requirements and provides cleanly rounded quantities, adding additional product only to the stores and skus that are most appropriate.

Attributes within the Worklist help drive decisions around managing slow and high velocity items. Adding calculated attributes to the Worklist gives the users the opportunity to filter the Worklist. This allows the user to quickly identify opportunities and issues. Including supply metrics to the Worklist gives the user visibility to items that are performing above or below expectations.

The Auto Allocation function streamlines the processing of hands-off allocations. It sends these pick requests to the DC in batch form. For an organization with many skus or styles, this can result in an unmanageable number of disorganized requests. Concurrently, this tool for the Auto Allocation function groups styles by product hierarchy before being sent to the host. The result is pick tickets in fewer batches. Tickets are organized in the most efficient manner for the picking team.