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Merchandise Management

Merchandise Management Benefits

Increase revenue
Improve margins
Optimize inventory investment
Enhance workforce productivity
Leverage growth strategies
Satisfy consumer demands

Merchandise Management Systems to Increase Performance and Optimize the Inventory Investment

The Merchandise Management system is the heart of a retailer’s enterprise software. To help a company achieve peak performance, a Merchandise Management system must be able to adapt to changes across sales channels, provide visibility into inventory position, and empower users to act quickly on market shifts and corporate initiatives.

RPE’s knowledgeable retail consultants have experience Implementing, Managing and Hosting Blue Yonder Merchandise Management System (MMS) and Blue Yonder Merchandise Operations (formerly PMM). We ask tough questions and listen to your feedback to select the best Merchandise Management system to meet your needs and challenges.

Blue Yonder

Merchandise Management System (MMS)

Blue Yonder Merchandise Management System (MMS) is recognized as being one of the most predominant retail merchandising systems addressing Purchasing, Allocations, Receiving, Transfers, Physical Inventory, Price and Cost Management, Replenishment and Sales Processing. This complete and integrated solution quickly enables retailers to drive sales, margins and cash flow by getting the right products to the right place at the right time. With Blue Yonder MMS, retailers can reduce markdowns and better target merchandise allocations providing reliability, accuracy and a flexible configuration. Plus, it is scalable for growth.


The MMS web-enabled User Interface has additional capability for mobile access, is mouse-friendly and provides a functionally rich user experience. It is customizable, requires no special hardware, and best of all, it is affordable. The Blue Yonder MMS User Interface is compatible with previous Blue Yonder MMS versions.

Blue Yonder

Merchandise Operations (formerly PMM)

The Blue Yonder Merchandise Operations systems (formerly PMM) integrates your Merchandise Management processes across departments onto a single enterprise-wide information system. With greater visibility and flexibility to adapt to change, your company will more accurately, intelligently and profitably control inventory.


With the visibility to make fact-based decisions and the flexibility to adapt to change, retailers realize value every step of the way. Proven to save time and resources, Blue Yonder Merchandise Operations can support growth plans and control inventory costs throughout the most complex, multi-channel retail environments. This flexible, scalable and integrated solution can provide the visibility and control retailers need in today’s retail environment.

Merchandise Operations Features and Capabilities

Manage strategies for purchasing pricing and placement to help realize the maximum return on your merchandise.

Determine the entire assortment across all channels and locations and develop product lineups.

Drive sales and margins that support chain/zone/store and color/size/dimensions.

Attract loyal consumers with targeted promotions, assortments and allocations.

Reduce inventory with automated Replenishment, stock balancing and corporate control over decentralized purchasing.

Improve costs with product and vendor level landed cost factors, allowances and rebates.

Increase efficiency and productivity with timely purchase orders, invoice matching, receiving and transfer management

Monitor and act upon KPIs such as daily sales, promotions and inventory positions with enterprise-wide intelligence.

Merchandise Management System

Support Services

RPE is experienced with Blue Yonder MMS and Merchandise Operations on a technical level, and our Implementation and Support services can save your business both time and money. Our technical consulting services include:

Base Modifications

Custom Application Development

Data Conversion and Validation

Health Check

Integration and Interface Development

Oracle Database Configuration and Stabilization

PL/SQL Program Performance Tuning