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Implementation Services

Industry Leading Retail Software Implementation Services

At RPE, we recognize that helping our clients achieve excellence includes offering retail software Implementation services. Our retail consulting experts work with leading hardware and software providers to offer you with state-of-the-art solutions. Our goal is to implement a solution that will perfectly suit your specific needs. 

When Excel spreadsheets, gut instinct and store feedback no longer work to manage inventory, you need a cohesive solution connecting people, processes, data and IT across all users and applications. RPE has been implementing, managing and hosting retail systems since our company was founded in 1999.

Retail Software Implementation Services

Upgrading your existing software system to a newer version can enhance performance, improve support levels and provide your team with new functionality. RPE will help you assess the organizational impact of upgrading your existing system and recommend a course of action. To begin with, we perform a high-level assessment to review IT strategies, document your current system’s infrastructure. Secondly, we then note any functional and technical gaps, and prioritize future functionality requirements.

An effective retail software system requires more than just one application. Oftentimes those applications need to be sourced from multiple vendors. We can link together a suite of applications using an integrated system (one that interacts dynamically) or an interfaced system (one that passes data periodically) in the way that best suits your requirements. Although we may collaborate with our vendors to achieve these goals, we are not dependent on them.

Data Conversion is the process of translating data from one format to another. While the concept itself may seem simple, Data Conversion is a critical step in the process of data integration. Furthermore, having data in a unified format helps you to understand, analyze and present information. This helps to provide the greatest insights to the business.

Retail software vendors develop applications that perform the most commonly required functions. However, they are not always able to adequately address each retailer’s specific needs. At least some degree of customization is necessary. You need to be careful with modifications, though, since making too many changes can render future upgrades difficult.

Functionality gaps are inevitable. Even the best application may not meet all your specific business needs. Many times, enhancing or customizing an application can make the difference between a good fit and a great fit for your needs. RPE draws on years of experience to enhance application to truly solve the retailer’s requirements.

RPE can help your team achieve goals by providing the skills and knowledge needed to improve processes and take full advantage of your new or existing software system.  Most important, we offer instructor-led, hands-on individual and classroom Training sessions. Training can be conducted on site at your location. The training curriculum involves demonstrations and examples followed by exercises. We focus on how software functionality can be applied to the procedures used at your company. Whether you have just received a software update or hired additional staff, we can provide ongoing Training. That said, our goal is to ensure your team is making the best possible use of your existing system’s functionality.