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Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings

Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings Benefits

Increase revenue
Improve margins
Optimize inventory investment
Enhance workforce productivity
Leverage growth strategies
Satisfy consumer demands

Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings Improves Productivity and the Customer Shopping Experience

Home goods and big-ticket retailers rely on advanced technology capabilities from Blue Yonder Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings (MMHF) for their core business operations and much more. This reliable, versatile solution was created by Blue Yonder based on how the furnishings industry business is run and how customers shop.

Retailers using Blue Yonder MMHF have seen a 4 percent reduction in inventory, reduced expenses up to 30 percent and improved labor efficiency by up to 50 percent. With leading-edge capabilities, your enterprise saves time and money. This includes automating manual processes, such as purchase order creation and replenishment helping your stores run more efficientl

Blue Yonder

Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings (MMHF) Features and Capabilities

Retail execution capabilities are within easy reach with Blue Yonder MMHF designed to be easy to deploy, learn and use.

The quality of the overall shopping experience is likely to determine whether a one-time shopper will turn into a loyal customer. Retailers must know if they have the item a customer is dreaming of in stock when they want it. Plus be able to share expert information to close the sale and start a relationship.




Service & Repair Management


Inventory Management

Intuitive User Interface

The Blue Yonder MMHF user interface has intuitive menus, as well as easy-to-navigate report submission, scheduling and maintenance options. It is designed to be simple to input store codes, and in-app help options make the learning curve even faster for sales associates and staff. Additionally, Blue Yonder’s MMHF comes complete with enterprise backup and cloning capabilities, make training and testing a snap.

You can effortlessly clone your production database to create a test or training database. Without third-party intervention or making changes to your live database, you can create a secure copy of your data for business analysis.