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Retail Planning


Increase productivity
Improve efficiency
Increase accuracy
Optimize inventories
Balance sales goals
Reduce markdowns

Software for Insightful and Accurate Retail Planning

Retail Planning has become critical for companies to optimize all their strategic, merchandise, assortment and operational activities across their supply and demand chain through powerful software solutions. Without an integrated Planning solution, businesses often operate inefficiently and even work at cross purposes.

A robust retail Planning solution allows companies to easily tie enterprise-wide strategic plans to the execution of shared goals. By doing so, this helps to produce the most accurate, insightful, coordinated plans possible. Plus eliminate duplicate data sources, thereby allowing companies to maximize profits and minimize financial risk.

Planning gives an organization the ability to focus a planner’s tasks in a clearly defined process, from Top Down through Bottom Up plans. There are a variety of Planning activities that can be incorporated. These include Key Item Planning, Middle Out Planning, and Alternate Hierarchies. As a tool for planning across channels and different product groups with a unified set of key performance indicators, it is that “one version of the truth” every company needs.

Retail Planning Features and Capabilities

Identify Financial Objectives

Identify common financial objectives for sales, inventory, receipt flow margin, and other key performance indicators via workflow-driven processes. Seamlessly incorporate statistical sales forecasts and consumer-driven channel clusters while maximizing inventory productivity.

Increased Functionality

Retail Planning software also features functionality to dynamically group product, location and time hierarchy members for more effective plans for every part of the organization.

Key Attributes

Attribute-based planning creates truly consumer-driven plans by consolidating planning and evaluating data by key attributes, both product and store.

Management Capabilities

Exception management capabilities highlight specific areas that require analysis, review or approval, enabling businesses to quickly address issues across every channel, category and store.