Increase Profitability with Accurate JDA Allocation

Using JDA Allocation, you can target the optimal mix of products for each store. This time-tested JDA solution provides you with a quicker, more efficient process for creating and executing retail allocation plans. Consumer expectations are on the rise for seamless, personalized and value-driven shopping experiences. Having the right mix of products available at the right time continues to be one of the best ways for retailers to earn their customers’ repeat business. JDA Allocation translates customer knowledge, enabling retailers to better allocate varying product assortments across the enterprise to help increase profitability.

jda allocation

Why RPE and JDA
RPE works with retailers in developing new business processes resulting in more consistency, speed and accuracy with allocation decisions. As one of the most robust allocation software solutions in the marketplace, JDA Allocation applies built-in, best practice methodologies that enable you to conduct what-if analyses to test retail allocation strategies prior to execution. With JDA Allocation, retailers are able to create more accurate, store-specific allocations for more strategic and tailored inventory and assortment plans.

JDA Allocation Application 
JDA Allocation features the following solutions:

JDA Allocation solutions can be implemented individually or as a suite. For the most in-depth allocation software, retailers worldwide choose JDA Allocation. RPE offers a quick implementation package to help realize the benefits of advanced allocation as quickly as possible.

To be successful at allocation, retailers need to understand and incorporate customer insights into the store product mix. JDA Allocation can be customized for an extensive range of allocation techniques. Allocation software helps keep the big plan in mind as it allocates the details.

  • Allocate merchandise in bulk or pre-pack
  • Allocate multiple styles at the same time
  • Consider sales history and on hand when calculating distributions
  • Group stores based on attributes such as demographics, climate, grade and location
  • Schedule and automatically allocate merchandise using established allocation methods
  • Use templates, grading or model stock as well as minimum and maximum quantities to control allocations
  • Allows for saved Allocation Methods to perform predetermined methodologies on a single click

JDA Allocation Upgrade and Health Check
Improved functionality featured in each new release of JDA Allocation makes overseeing retail allocation as easy as possible. Improved control of merchandising selection, deeper analysis and reporting features lend improved insight. An allocation Health Check from RPE assesses the health of your allocation environment by identifying critical performance and configuration issues and opportunities. RPE listens to user feedback and pain points to make recommendations for immediate and long term solutions.

Assortment Planning
JDA Assortment Planning allows retailers to take the budget for a particular group of items and adjust the merchandise mix by individual location to see what items will sell at which stores and in what quantities. JDA Assortment Planning optimizes the  merchandise selection.

  • Import company goals and determine whether a planned assortment is in line with goals
  • Plan at a low level of detail to achieve the optimum merchandise mix
  • Review planned assortments from every angle for each product and store attribute
  • Create consolidations of assortments, view collections or get a view of the big picture

Merchandise Planning
A client-server based merchandise retail planning application solution, Merchandise Planning handles large volumes of data providing ease of use and maintaining data integrity.

  • Spread strategic plans down to any or all lower detail levels or work from bottom up, depending on the organization objectives and culture
  • Develop plans in dollars and units, considering cross channel customer trends and location specific concerns
  • Use advanced, customizable planning measures to assist in coordination between merchandising, operations and distribution functions
  • Effectively integrate process, team and support systems