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Increase Your Operational Performance with Blue Yonder Business Analysis

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What if you could attain clear and actionable information about operations and improve business intelligence with one simple tool? Blue Yonder Business Analysis is doing just that. Retailers using Blue Yonder MMS and PMM can now make well-informed decisions with real, up-to-the-minute data.

Our retail consulting professionals at RPE know that for a company to be successful and keep costs down, they need to have information at their fingertips to optimize the decision-making process to enhance operational efficiencies.

Advantages of Business Intelligence

Blue Yonder Business Analysis boasts many advantages over previous reporting tools including:

  • Real-time access to data so there is no need to wait for batch processes
  • Ability to automate reporting and export in multiple formats
  • A new and intuitive and modern user interface for compelling reports and dashboards
  • One database to ensure “one version of the truth” with capabilities to combine data sources
  • A consistent web-based experience that is accessible via web browser/mobile
  • Access whenever and wherever

Based on IBM Cognos 11, Blue Yonder Business Analysis is easily supportable within the MMS and PMM platforms. In real-time, retailers can confidently and quickly act using historical views of pertinent information to greatly improve business through analytics and business intelligence. Blue Yonder Business Analysis also provides an interactive way for virtually anyone on the team to find, explore, and share data-driven insights with one another. Do you need the reports shared with another department? Blue Yonder Business Analysis allows users to create and publish compelling reports and dashboards to distribute to the company in various formats to keep every person on the same page.

Blue Yonder Business Analysis for MMS and PMM brings together data from external applications resulting in complete reporting coverage. These tools are pre-integrated into Blue Yonder solutions, allowing for real-time access to the data they generate. Users will quickly see the improvements and advantages over legacy reporting tools.

Schedule a Demo or View Demo Video

Gain a competitive edge with these agile and intuitive analytics solutions. With tightening budgets and reduced resources, business intelligence empowers businesses to solve individual and company-wide challenges with confidence. Now is the time to take control of your organization’s business processes and operational performance issues with the advanced Blue Yonder Business Analysis tool. If you would like to schedule a live demo for a first-hand look at Blue Yonder Business Analysis for MMS and PMM, contact RPE today or call 813-490-7000, Ext. 7353. Or you can learn more with this Blue Yonder Business Analysis recorded demo.