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Challenge: Providing Users the Ability to Upload Custom Data to Blue Yonder Allocation

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Blue Yonder software has functionally rich solutions, but no system can be everything to everyone all the time. That’s why the RPE team of solution experts have created a collection of utilities that make Blue Yonder solutions even more effective. RPE works with users like you to identify the most critical challenges to your efficiency, and we create solutions that transcend you to where you want to be.

Blue Yonder Allocation is a hugely popular and effective tool for analyzing an organization’s selling patterns and getting the right products to the right stores in the right quantities. From store grading to model stock to custom location attributes, the possibilities for data analysis are nearly limitless.

The challenge for any retailer is how to get all the data needed into the tool in a timely manner. Many feeds are supported by base Allocation code: historical sales, historical inventory, basic item and location information, etc. Many installations make use of other specialized data: grades, model stocks, planning data, etc. These feeds are generally tied to a particular batch process—daily or weekly—or they are not automated at all and require a communication trail between the user community and the IS department.

Solution: User Managed Data Upload

The flexibility to make changes to this data in real time can add to your organization’s ability to make decisions proficiently. With this in mind, RPE has developed the User Managed Data Upload, also known as UMDU. The UMDU tool gives your allocation team the ability to maintain a variety of files behind the scenes using a seamless, one-way interface between their machine and the Allocation server.

With UMDU, users can develop their own Grade information and feed it directly into the system, allowing them to allocate with that data immediately. RPE has used this same technology to connect to the Model, Plan, Store Selection and Location tables. It’s even possible to make updates to some attributes of the Worklist itself, all in real time. UMDU allows your users to take control of key tables of data without any technical support.

Let us know if you’d like more information on this new functionality for your Blue Yonder Allocation environment. Check out additional utilities RPE has created for Blue Yonder software solutions.