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Free IBM Power Systems Health Check: iSeries, System i and AS/400

Power Systems

Retailers want to focus strategically on the core business, not be distracted by IT management and maintenance. Pressure to reduce budgets, unexpected downtime, user support issues and poor response times are challenges retailers face when trying to get more from current IT systems.

A complimentary Health Check from RPE identifies dangerous or soon-to-be critical performance, security and configuration issues. Outdated O/S versions, inappropriate security settings, missed maintenance updates, too little available disk space, faulty backups and unaddressed error messages can all cause lost efficiencies, downtime or security headaches. These issues have an effect on your staff, customers and profitability as your IT systems touch almost every part of your business.

Benefits of a high-performing and secure system:

  • Meets compliance standards
  • Runs on most current O/S version
  • Up-to-date maintenance
  • Reliable back up
  • Disaster recovery for multiple scenarios

You Can’t Afford Not to Conduct a Thorough Evaluation

From a data breach to an extended outage, disasters come in many forms and from many causes. RPE can assess the health of your IBM Power Systems (Power, iSeries, System i and AS/400). A Health Check will help identify “time bombs” and security flaws that make your system vulnerable.

  • Does a weak or casually enforced password policy make your critical data vulnerable to cyber criminals?
  • Are you vulnerable to data theft because you have some unauthorized system users with administrative rights?
  • How soon will system performance suffer because of high disk utilization?
  • Are file size limits being reached causing system response issues and frustrated users?
  • Is system performance or availability being affected due to machine errors caused by out-of-date Operating System maintenance?
  • Are you ready for the business or productivity impact when your systems don’t meet compliance or internal audit standards?

Use your valuable time working on business-critical issues rather than dealing with IT disruptions. Learn more about the benefits and process of an IBM Power Systems Health Check with a short video or download our brochure.