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IBM Power Systems Help Retailers Optimize Performance

IBM Power 9 logoIn today’s competitive retail industry, businesses have to deliver large amounts of data across various devices and channels. IBM Power Systems help retailers do exactly that. They feature power servers built on advanced IBM POWER9 technology, and they’re engineered to drive faster, more efficient data-centric applications. These servers support a wide array of operating systems (IBM i, AIX, and Linux) and databases (DB2 Universal, Oracle, and SQL Server), providing retailers with maximum flexibility.

If you’re interested in having IBM Power Systems implemented at your retail business, turn to RPE. We offer decades of experience implementing, hosting, managing, and evaluating cloud-based solutions using IBM Power Systems. RPE is an IBM Business Partner, and our consultants undergo stringent testing and evaluations to earn IBM certifications. You can trust us to help your company maximize its investment in IBM Power Systems.

Offering Free IBM Power Systems & Security Health Checks

When your systems aren’t operating at full capacity, your business can suffer. It’s important to regularly monitor them to ensure that they’re up-to-date, secure, and performing as effectively and efficiently as possible. RPE is pleased to offer complimentary IBM Power Systems & Security Health Checks to identify any critical performance, configuration, and security issues that could be placing your company at risk. We have extensive experience with IBM Power Systems, are fluent in all associated operating versions, and can even handle “heritage” RPG challenges.

What’s more, we offer an exceptionally quick turnaround time, and usually deliver Health Checks within just a few days. We’ll need secure access to your IBM Power Systems for about two hours, and then we’ll conduct a brief interview with one of your IT staff members to clarify insights and practices, which shouldn’t take more than an hour. We’ll then be able to provide you with a comprehensive report that details high-priority issues, overall health risks, and our recommendations for improvement.

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