The inventory optimization and retail planning practice at RPE encompasses Planning, Allocation, Replenishment and Space Management.

Our retail supply chain consulting team has extensive real-world retail background and are industry leaders having designed, developed and implemented merchandising and planning solutions for omni-channel retailers worldwide.

RPE’s Approach
RPE has practical, hands on retail supply chain consulting experience. Our consultants average 15 – 20 years of experience tackling the real world merchandising and planning issues you face every day. We don’t just deal in theories, fancy charts and systems, but offer a business partner relationship. We work with you from start to finish solving your retail planning, allocation and inventory management software and systems needs. RPE will conduct a business process analysis and performance review to identify strengths and opportunities and then match the right merchandising and retail planning software solutions and processes to meet your requirements.

We know the right questions to ask both you and potential vendors to ascertain the right merchandise solutions to fit your needs and don’t push you into a canned approach that will not work for you. We specialize in retail Planning, Allocation and Replenishment solutions and have significant experience implementing a wide range of systems to develop business processes resulting in more consistency, speed and accuracy so your merchandise is optimized.

Our Team
Whether you’re working with our executives, practice leads or any of our consultants, a common pulse runs through RPE and every member of our retail supply chain consulting team: We are absolutely committed to our clients. The RPE merchandising and inventory optimization team is made up of diverse, highly skilled and passionate professionals. By identifying critical issues and implementing innovative software solutions, clients generate revenue, reduce costs and access the right information at the right time for inventory optimization. Success starts with a smart plan and accurate inventory across the omni-channel shopping experience. RPE also provides training for all all our retail planning software.d

A Good Plan
It all starts with a good plan, completed on time. RPE has identified key areas critical for successful optimization of your inventory investment.Greatly enhance your opportunity to improve customer satisfaction, thereby increasing sales, reducing markdowns and seasonal carryover, while improving turn – all of which should lead to great profits.

  • Merchandise Planning
  • Hierarchies – merchandise, store and time
  • Merchandise Calendars
  • Inventory flow
  • Store Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Allocation
  • Replenishment
  • Size Management
  • Space Management
  • In Season – forecasts and projections
  • Open To Buy
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Supply Chain
  • People and Organizational Management
  • Systems and Package selection
  • Multi-Channel Planning