Offering Unparalleled Inventory Optimization & Retail Planning Solutions

For inventory optimization and retail planning solutions, turn to the experts at RPE. Our knowledgeable consultants have real-world experience in the retail industry, so they know how to effectively tackle the merchandising and planning issues that your company faces on a daily basis. RPE offers you a true business partner relationship. After conducting a thorough business process analysis and performance review to identify your company’s strengths and opportunities, we’ll match you with the inventory optimization and retail planning solutions that will best serve your needs. We can then implement and integrate the solutions as well as provide the training required to ensure the solution is being used at its full potential to help drive sales and achieve desired inventory optimization.

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What Does Inventory Optimization & Retail Planning Include?

Our inventory optimization and retail planning solutions include three components:  planning, allocation, and replenishment.


Retail planning solutions can help you set goals for sales performance, inventory, and other financial metrics, then track results and note any variances to these goals. By tying enterprise-wide strategic plans to the execution of shared goals, your company will become more efficient, increase revenue, and minimize financial risks.


Allocation software is the ideal solution for fashion or seasonal items. Allocation can help you analyze how certain items have performed at certain stores, as well as their potential for future performance, then use that information to assign individual item quantities to specific store locations. Having the right mix of products available at the right time will help stores earn customers’ repeat business and strengthen brand loyalty.


Replenishment software is best for managing core basic items. Replenishment can help your stores automatically acquire products on a recurring basis in order to satisfy anticipated needs. Your company will be able to deliver outstanding service while also minimizing your inventory investment, thereby maximizing profits.

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For more information about the inventory optimization and retail planning solutions we have available for retail businesses, contact RPE today. We’ll be happy to set up a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.