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Achieve Optimal Inventory & Service Levels Using Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment Software

In today’s marketplace, retailers need a replenishment software solution that will help them provide the best possible service to customers while still maintaining minimal inventory investment. Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment software can help your business achieve this goal. RPE — a leading retail consulting firm and premier Blue Yonder software vendor — implements Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment software at retail businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

Racks of clothing showing how JDA Advanced Replenishment improves inventory

How Can Advanced Replenishment Help Your Retail Business?

Advanced Replenishment software helps retailers effectively manage inventory by projecting sales and automatically placing orders based on store and item sales. This innovative replenishment software solution supports:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Leadtime forecasting
  • Order policy analysis
  • Service level analysis
  • Replenishment
  • Special order analysis
  • Order validity
  • And much more

Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment software will help your retail business reduce inventory and increase turnover. It will also help you optimize safety stock levels so that you’re prepared to fill orders on time, a feature that will lead to increased customer satisfaction. And, it will help your company reduce lost sales, decrease lead times, improve buyer productivity, and achieve rapid implementation and return on payback.

Why Choose RPE to Implement Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment Software?

RPE’s expert consultants are highly experienced with Blue Yonder software – and can help you choose the solutions that will best serve your company’s specific needs. Working with Blue Yonder software solutions since 1999, Blue Yonder has presented us with numerous awards, including their prestigious Real Results Award for Best Partner Project. When you turn to RPE to implement replenishment software at your retail business, you can feel confident that your job will not be a learning experience for us.

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