Blue Yonder Replenishment Helps Retailers Achieve Optimal Inventory & Service Levels

Are you searching for a way to efficiently and profitably manage inventory at your retail business? If so, Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software) Replenishment is the inventory management solution your company needs. In today’s business climate, retailers need to deliver high service levels while minimizing their inventory investment, and Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment can help your company do exactly that. RPE — a trusted retail consulting firm — implements, manages, and hosts Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment for retailers throughout the United States and Canada.


Providing Support for the Seven Steps of Buying

The Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment inventory management solution includes functionality that will help you execute strategies, reduce lost sales, minimize inventory levels, and maximize profits, all while saving time.

Demand Forecasting

In order to determine how much product you require, you need to understand the anticipated need. Blue Yonder Replenishment will help you forecast future sales and shipments using historic sales and shipment values. Thanks to seasonal profiles and promotional tools, you’ll be able to adjust retail forecasting in accordance with future activity.

Lead Time Forecasting

You’ll also need to calculate the lead time — the number of days between when you place an order and when the product is received and made ready for sale — so that you can determine how far in advance orders need to be placed. Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment finds patterns and trends based on historic lead times for items and vendors.

Order Cycle Analysis

Knowing how much time tends to pass between product receipts helps you determine how much to order so that you can preserve inventory levels between shipments. Blue Yonder Replenishment helps you balance acquisition costs against carrying costs to calculate the most profitable order cycle possible.Girl holding perfume bottle to show how JDA - Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment helps in inventory

Service Level Analysis

While it’s important to have enough inventory in stock to satisfy demand at any given time, you’ll also want to avoid the expense of having too much inventory on hand. Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment calculates safety stock requirements by item and location so that you can preserve in-stocks while also minimizing your inventory investment.


Once the previous four components have been considered, you’ll need to determine how much product has to be ordered based on what’s already in stock. Due order logic suggests placing purchase orders only for those sources where additional product is required to preserve service levels, and Blue Yonder Replenishment generates suggested order quantities for every item and location on a nightly basis.

Special Order Analysis

Sometimes orders need to be adjusted to compensate for deals, promotions, and new store openings. Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment will make these adjustments as needed, and it can even transfer overstocks between locations to satisfy needs without bringing additional inventory into the demand chain.

Order Validity

Replenishment will ensure that your orders satisfy vendors’ minimum, maximum, and multiples rules for truckloads, case packs, layers, and pallets.

Why Choose RPE to Implement Blue Yonder Replenishment?

RPE is the best choice to implement Blue Yonder Advanced Replenishment at your retail business. We were founded by a team of merchandising and IT executives in 1999, and we’ve since grown to become one of North America’s top retail consulting firms. Our sales, consulting, and technical teams possess years of experience — many of them previously worked for JDA (now Blue Yonder) and other software vendors developing the solutions we now implement — and they’ve completed extensive training and certifications. We’re a Blue Yonder implementation partner and we’ve won numerous awards including the Real Results Award for Best Partner Project.

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