Blue Yonder Allocation to Effectively Execute Assortment Plans and Optimize Inventory

In today’s multichannel world, consumers are increasingly expecting seamless, personalized, and value-driven shopping experiences. Having the right mix of products available at the right time continues to be one of the best ways for retailers to earn their customers’ repeat business. To help retailers achieve this goal, RPE implements the proven and reliable Blue Yonder Allocation software solution, which provides businesses with a quicker and more efficient process for creating and executing retail allocation plans. By translating customer knowledge, the advanced Blue Yonder Allocation solution allows retailers to better allocate varying product assortments across the enterprise, thereby increasing profitability.

Each new release of Blue Yonder Allocation software includes improved functionality, which makes overseeing retail allocation as easy as possible. Improved control of merchandising selection, deeper analysis, and reporting features lend improved insight. We offer an Allocation Health Check that assesses the health of an allocation environment by identifying critical performance and configuration issues and opportunities. We listen to user feedback and pain points to make recommendations for immediate and long-term solutions.


Impressive Capabilities

To be successful at retail planning and allocation, retailers need to understand and incorporate customer insights into the store product mix. Blue Yonder Allocation helps do just that. With this allocation software implemented, retailers can:

  • Calculate and execute allocation plans based on sales history, on-hand quantities, and assortment plans
  • Test allocation strategies using a robust “what-if” analysis prior to execution
  • Group stores according to demographics, climate, grade, and location
  • Generate store size profiles based on current information from Blue Yonder host systems
  • Save allocation methods so that predetermined methodologies can be performed with a single click
  • Schedule merchandise to be automatically allocated using established allocation methods, allowing for “no touch” execution

All of this enables retailers to plan, execute, and manage complex allocations more effectively and efficiently. While many allocation software solutions only allow users to allocate one or two items at a time, Blue Yonder Advanced Allocation allows them to select 20, 40, or 100 items, or even an entire assortment, to push through in one round, saving significant time and effort.Woman scanning price tag with phone to show benefits of JDA Allocation from Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder Allocation can also be customized for an extensive range of allocation techniques. Retailers can apply unlimited and configurable allocation methodologies to suit their needs and current business conditions, and they can allocate based on any hierarchy or non-hierarchical levels. They can control allocations using templates, grading, model stock, and minimum and maximum quantities. Retailers can allocate multiple styles at the same time, if desired, and they can also allocate merchandise in bulk or pre-packed formats. Retailers will also be glad to know that Blue Yonder Advanced Allocation can be seamlessly integrated with other Blue Yonder retail planning solutions.

Why Choose RPE to Implement Blue Yonder Allocation Software?

RPE  works with retailers to develop new business processes to achieve greater consistency, speed, and accuracy with allocation decisions. We can implement the Blue Yonder Allocation software solution individually or as part of a suite. We also offer a quick implementation package to help retailers unlock the benefits of advanced allocation as quickly as possible.

Our Collection of Allocation Utilities

Blue Yonder Allocation is a robust solution, but there are times when additional functionality is needed. That’s why we’ve created a collection of utilities that make Allocation even more effective at addressing planning and allocation challenges to improve efficiencies. These capabilities include:

  • Uploading custom data to the Blue Yonder Allocation solution
  • Enhancing store eligibility for allocation
  • Ensuring case quantity/pallet rounded allocations
  • Adding attributes to the Worklist
  • Providing automatic allocation batch processing

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As one of the most robust allocation software solutions in the marketplace, Blue Yonder Allocation applies built-in, best practice methodologies that enable retailers to conduct what-if analyses to test retail allocation strategies prior to execution. With targeted allocation, retailers can create accurate, store-specific allocations for more strategic and tailored inventory and assortment plans. If you’re interested in having the Blue Yonder Advanced Allocation software solution implemented at your retail business, contact RPE today for more information.