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RPE Delivers Industry-Leading Services & Support to Help Retailers Succeed

At RPE, we’re proud to be a full-service retail consulting firm implementing, managing, and hosting retail solutions. We provide a wide array of retail services and support to ensure that our clients are taken care of at every stage of the supply chain process. Our services include:

Integration and Interfaces

An effective retail software system requires more than just one application, and oftentimes those applications will need to be sourced from multiple vendors. We can link together a suite of applications using an integrated system (one that interacts dynamically) or an interfaced system (one that passes data periodically), in the way that’s best suited for your requirements. We can:

  • Create a system that’s seamless and transparent to the user
  • Cleanse data prior to entering it into a new system
  • Employ multiple data manipulation, transformation, and load techniques
  • Address timing issues

Although we may work with our vendors to achieve these goals, we’re not dependent on them, and our internal team can conceive, design, and develop effective and efficient interfaces that meet or even exceed requirements.

Retail Services and Support work flow chart

Modifications and Programming

Retail software vendors develop applications that perform the most commonly required functions, but they’re not always able to adequately address each retailer’s specific needs. At least some degree of customization is necessary to create a system that fully serves your business’s requirements. You’ll need to be careful with modifications and enhancements, though, since making too many changes can render future upgrades difficult. RPE’s skilled team has extensive experience with implementing and managing software modifications and enhancements, and we’ll tailor a solution that helps your company achieve its goals.

Post-Implementation Support

Companies often underestimate how much time and effort and how many resources they’ll need to ensure success after they implement new software solutions. Fortunately, you can rely on RPE’s experts to create a post-implementation support plan that will help your team react, evaluate, and adjust after your new software goes into effect. We can:

  • Conduct a readiness assessment
  • Establish an implementation plan
  • Finalize your data conversion and system setup
  • Make any necessary changes to menus and profiles
  • Handle the program implementation and change control process
  • Take care of batch job changes and scheduling
  • Prepare response procedures and escalation procedures
  • Perform quality control
  • Prepare and publish the support procedures
  • Provide front-line support
  • Coordinate efforts with your internal staff

In some cases, additional resources are needed to compensate for the learning curve associated with managing exceptions in a new environment. If that’s the case for your business, you’ll be glad to know that RPE technical experts are available to assist and make the transition as seamless as possible.

Software Version Upgrades

Upgrading your existing software system to a newer version can enhance performance, improve support levels, and provide your team with new functionality. RPE’s experienced team of consultants can help you assess the organizational impact of upgrading your existing system and recommend a course of action that’s specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

First, we’ll perform a high-level assessment where we review IT strategies, document your current system’s infrastructure, note any functional and technical gaps, and prioritize future functionality requirements. Next, we’ll conduct a detailed assessment, which involves reviewing and documenting your current application infrastructure, including any modifications, interfaces, databases, and programs. Based on this review, we’ll recommend that you either do nothing, modify the existing version of your software system, upgrade your existing system to a newer version, or replace your existing system altogether. If you decide to move forward with an upgrade, we can handle all aspects of the implementation, including managing the project, conducting BPA sessions, designing and developing new solutions, performing testing and training, and providing post-implementation support.

Retail System Training

RPE can help your team achieve company goals by providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to improve processes and take full advantage of your new software system. We offer instructor-led, hands-on individual and classroom training sessions for Blue Yonder solution and various other software systems, which we can conduct on site at your location or at our training center. Training will involve demonstrations and examples followed by exercises, and we’ll focus on how software functionality can be applied to the procedures used at your company. And, we don’t just offer training for new software implementations — whether you’ve just received a software update or you’ve hired additional staff, we can provide ongoing training to ensure your team is making the best possible use of your existing system’s functionality.

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