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Top 5 Benefits to Utilizing Cloud Services

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Top 5 Benefits to Utilizing Cloud Services

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1. Solve Common IT Challenges

Gain flexibility, capacity and support so your IT delivery service structure never jeopardizes your business initiatives.

  • Processing Capability: Elasticity to increase or reduce processing capability as required.
  • Scalability: Processing what you need, when you need it. No requirements to over-buy on upgrades and pay for unneeded capability.
  • Load Bursting: Manage large increases in planned and unplanned processing requirements without delays.
  • CPU and Storage: No costly capital upgrades. Capacity is available on demand when you need it.
  • Data Center Support: Instant infusion of operations and support personnel vigorously tested, evaluated and certified on hardware, software and services.
  • Faster Recovery from Business Interruption: Highly available architecture with physical systems monitoring 24/7/365 with potential problems identified and corrected before an outage can occur, and quick response in the event of an outage.


2. Fail Proof Disaster and Recovery Services

As a reliable alternative to businesses hosting and maintaining their own servers and IT departments, cloud-based Data Centers are staffed by operations and IT professionals. If disaster strikes, businesses have access to an immediate operations management infrastructure. Additional resources provide the ability to call on more varied skills from a select group of highly professional operators with advanced computer operations education and training to respond to any crisis.

  • Minimize service disruptions and ensure continued service
  • High availability architecture to meet your business requirements


3. Managed Support Services 24/7/365

Using cloud services effectively extends your operations team for an immediate infusion of experienced IT professionals, all for a predictable, fixed monthly cost. No more worrying about staffing during IT personnel’s vacation, holiday or sick time. Eliminate management of shift schedules, coordinating shift turnover, training and career development. Cloud support services include:

  • 24/7/365 system monitoring and operations
  • System security and administration
  • Performance tuning and monitoring
  • Patch (PTF) management
  • Backup and recovery management
  • Extensive reporting
  • Management of operating system and applications
  • Network and VPN management
  • Capacity planning
  • Change management control (including migrations)
  • SLA enforced response times


4. Customized Cloud Services

Cloud is not a one size fits all solution. All businesses are different and have unique needs. Retail is not the same as financial services. Leading cloud service providers should work with you to assess your needs and architect to customize cloud solutions appropriate for your business.

  • Collaborative assessment process identifies your unique needs
  • Compliant cloud services customized for your business


5. Predictable Costs for Smooth Operational Cash Flow

Cloud IT service delivery provides for a fixed, affordable rate for all your application and Data Center services. Say goodbye to surprise technology bills or unexpected IT expenses. You receive all the systems service, support, maintenance and repair you need for one fixed, monthly rate, which you can budget for like other fixed costs, such as rent and insurance.

  • One fixed, monthly rate for all application and Data Center services
  • No out-of-pocket up front capital expenditures