Identify, Capture and Respond to Vendor Non-Compliance

Improve supply chain performance with vendor compliance. Discover a platform to address performance issues that cost you lost sales and excess labor. A unified view of your supply chain performance presents opportunities for continuous improvement to gain control and recapture profits.

The Traverse System Platform implemented by RPE drives a unified understanding of your entire supply chain. The platform aggregates data from disparate systems and provides a holistic understanding of your operations so that nothing is left to chance.


Measure and Improve Supplier Performance

Vendor compliance directly impacts your bottom line. Some forms of poor vendor compliance include:

  • Shipping too early or too late.
  • Shipped after cancel date
  • Incomplete shipments (back orders/canceled items)
  • Multiple shipments that should be combined
  • Shipping via the incorrect method/carrier
  • Shipping substitute items without authorization
  • Incorrect item packaging
  • Incorrect/substitute UPC
  • Incorrect carton pack, inner pack or pre-pack
  • Improper labeling
  • Improper pallet configuration
  • Wrong or missing PO number on shipment, invoice, etc.
  • Poor quality product/out of spec
  • Missing or inaccurate ASN

Supplier Performance Platform

As the leading supplier performance management solution, the Traverse Platform ensures merchandise execution plans are successful. Through a combination of software and professional services, the solutions automate the supplier compliance process and provide end-to-end supply chain visibility to the purchase order lifecycle.

The platform automates key enterprise departments and tasks including:


  • Supplier on-time and in full monitoring
  • Trouble shipment tracking and visibility
  • Standard and custom supplier scorecards

 Supplier/Vendor Relations

  • Auto e-mailed nightly performance exceptions with photo documentation
  • Hosting capabilities for supplier requirements guides and training videos
  • Consistent data sharing to unify suppliers, merchants and operations

 Transportation / Distribution Center

  • Capture trouble shipments rapidly via tablets or phones
  • Advance Ship Notices (ASN) performance monitoring to ensure merchandise flow
  • Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) to minimize freight expense

Finance/Accounts Payable

  • Automated chargeback calculation, deduction and notification
  • Automated debits and credits via AP interface
  • System of record for faster chargeback research & resolution


  • 24/7 self-service access to performance information via the supplier portal
  • Monthly training sessions and on demand help videos
  • Supplier documentation and dispute management tools

Stop Losing Profit Due to Vendor Compliance Issues

RPE and Traverse Systems can show you how to identify and improve supplier compliance issues. Whether issues are detected automatically or manually, you can gain control and recapture the profit that is slipping away when there are disruptions in your supply chain due to vendor non-compliance. Create a more consistent, predictable and ultimately more profitable supply chain with a wide range of products and services from RPE and Traverse Systems. Contact us today so we can help you take control and improve vendor performance.