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Cloud & Hosting

Using cloud based services from a leading retail cloud service provider is a cost effective business model for secure delivery of hardware, software and services. Whether working from the corporate office, at an airport or in a store, businesses have access to information from anywhere at any time in a secure environment.

Cloud services have dramatically changed how companies do business. As a trusted cloud service provider backed by a proven model, your business management team no longer needs to worry about constant upgrades, IT staffing, regulatory compliance and security safeguards. Businesses that rely on cloud service providers improve overall computer utilization rates, reduce capital and operations costs and benefit from flexibility of services.

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Bottom Line Benefits

  • Higher security levels
  • Data encryption
  • Access to data from anywhere
  • Agility and scalability
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Regulatory compliance

As a cloud services provider, RPE is a reliable alternative to businesses hosting and maintaining their own servers and IT departments. Most important, our SOC 1 compliant Data Center staffed by operations professionals meets the highest standards of quality and performance to ensure security of services from a cloud service provider. Businesses can benefit from a cloud hosting provider as it is a cost-effective business model to increase service levels and access data from any place at any time.

Services available include:

Consider RPE cloud services to ensure your servers are:

  • Located in a secure limited-access Data Center
  • Properly backed up
  • Protected with back-up power
  • Up-to-date with security measures
  • Monitored for disk usage

Higher Security Levels
Protect the most important asset of your company – data. Reduce the potential risk of exposure with multiple levels of security measures to quickly, efficiently and safely move data throughout the enterprise.

Data Encryption
Encrypting data protects it throughout the IT environment so it can safely move across the enterprise in the cloud. Data integrity is preserved and protected so it does not have to be decrypted each time it is analyzed.

Access to Data
From desktops to cell phones, access to the IT infrastructure and data is now at your fingertips. Remote access 24/7 from a cloud service provider such as RPE allows you to work as effectively as if in the office retrieving valuable data, files and information wherever you may be.

Agility and Scalability
Agility of deployment and scalability allow companies to expand quickly and with ease. Companies are no longer restricted by their internal resources. Upscale and downscale as needed as the company expands or consolidates.

Cost EfficienciesSince IT departments have access to more powerful software, hardware and services they might not otherwise be able to afford, using a cloud service provider is cost effective. Only pay for services used to reduce capital and operational expenses of running an expensive IT department.

Regulatory Compliance
Industry and governmental regulatory mandates are an increasing focus. RPE’s SOC 1 compliant Data Center meets the highest regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, FDA, PCI and Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA). Therefore, it is critical you check with all cloud service providers to ensure they have the highest level of security to meet your regulatory compliance.