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MMS Web User Interface Now Compatible with Previous MMS Versions

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At RPE, we are excited for the new web-enabled version of Merchandise Management System. The big news: It is now compatible with previous MMS versions!

You can now add MMS WebUI to your existing MMS version without upgrading! We believe that MMS WebUI will help retailers with an enhanced user experience and improvement in productivity – plus it is easy to install and use.

Some of the new MMS User Interface features worth noting:

  • Quick Results: Once installed, screens are instantly accessible as modern web pages.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Menus and function keys are converted to links and buttons.
  • No Source Changes: No source code changes required for custom modifications; existing style sheets will take care of converting custom screens.
  • Easy Access: Users only need a browser to access the screens from any device.

Using the MMS User Interface features, the user has the ability to leverage the latest usability standards. Some of the key benefits include a modern look and feel which increases productivity, improves workflows, and decision making with an additional capability to access from any mobile device. Gather inventory and sales performance with insight from across the entire enterprise.

Other features:

  • Dynamic sorting and data export from all list screens
  • Download spool files as PDFs
  • Add images to SKU
  • Date picker and MMS Calendar date retrieval
  • Embed Google maps
  • Clickable menu options
  • Auto fill fields

Join the growing list of Blue Yonder MMS users that have successfully deployed the new MMS User Interface to both modernize and make MMS more efficient. For a more detailed brochure and to learn more, click here.