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Planning and Allocation Case Study for Specialty Retailer

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In this planning and allocation case study, we share how a specialty sportswear retailer with more than 150 stores was looking to improve its Planning and Allocation process. They understood it would require a robust core solution to help users more efficiently identify the ideal product mix. The company’s goal was to implement integrated tools, processes and technology that their planners and allocators could use to support each sales channel including Ecommerce, Branded, Employee and Outlet. A fine-tuned Planning and Allocation solution that would result in a more strategic view of inventory across the supply chain. One that could be used now and well into the future.

This planning and allocation case study showcases how the project was completed on time and within budget to get the Planning and Allocation infrastructure to a desired end-state of efficiently supporting core business functions to lead to growth and success.

RPE worked with the specialty retailer over a 16-month period to complete the project. The first step was to develop a roadmap to define the process, identify current and future needs, research areas of improvement and detect any gaps and obstacles. The retailer’s complex business model required creative solutions – from how Comp Stores were handled to how the Allocation Dashboard needed to be configured. Once the software implementation was complete, a customized training program was developed executed to help users gain confidence in working with the system to maximize results.


  • Planning
  • Allocation


  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Implementation
  • UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Scripts
  • Training
  • Hypercare

The client was ‘all in’ and never allowed challenges to derail their determination to get the solution right. This “give and take” approach made the solutions more powerful as featured in this planning and allocation case study.

Words from the Client

“RPE’s guidance, leadership, project management excellence, professionalism and tenacity were instrumental to getting us successfully across the finish line. What we accomplished together in such a short time was truly amazing.”