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Technology: A Key Challenge Facing Emerging Retailers

As a business grows, so does its challenges. One of the top issues affecting growing retailers is technology. While Excel spreadsheets, gut instinct and store feedback initially worked to manage inventory, a more cohesive solution connecting people, process and data is required for the business to continue to grow and thrive.

Cutting edge technology can be intriguing, but emerging retailers must first focus on implementing core solutions. With retailers depending on an increasing number of applications to sustain everything from planning and allocation to data management, the need for a reliable and scalable solution is even more crucial.

How and where to get started selecting the right technology can be daunting. Building a multi-year IT plan is one of the most effective building blocks and should be the first step. It will get your IT infrastructure to a desired end-state of efficiency. This detail roadmap is essential for achieving growth and success by supporting core business functions.

A Comprehensive Process

For growing and emerging retailers, RPE offers an entire gamut of services from start to finish so there is no need to work with multiple partners. We provide everything from building an IT strategy to implementing and supporting it. RPE’s consultants have a pulse on the industry, tracking innovation and solutions. We will assess your company’s current systems and processes and take the time to understand the direction the company is going. The next step is to recommend retail solutions specifically tailored to address current and future requirements and help you compare the features and benefits of each. An effective retail software system often requires more than just one application that needs to be sourced from multiple vendors. RPE retail consultants can bring together multiple applications into an integrated system that best suits your requirements.

Once the solutions are in place, our commitment continues with a comprehensive post-implementation support plan, ensuring a seamless business transformation. This can include training, staff augmentation, and people and process management.

Tips for Selecting a Retail Software Package

Selecting a software solution that meets unique needs is one of the most important projects a growing retailer can initiate. Because of the time, expense and risk involved with even the best implementations, selection decisions will impact the business for years. All too often, the package chosen at the end of the selection process is not the best solution for the retailer’s needs. Sometimes the ideal solution never makes the initial vendor list.

This white paper provides ten tip that will improve chances of success when initiating a software package search project.

Harnessing the power of technology can help retailers navigate and succeed in today’s retail landscape. Contact RPE today to help take your company to the next level.